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Water treatment & filtration services Geelong, Melbourne, Victoria

POSEIDON WATER SOLUTIONS provides unrivalled quality when it comes to servicing, maintaining, repairing and managing commercial water filtration packages and treatment plants.

We also maintain and operate a large number of commercial grade water treatment plants and filtration packages in the Victoria region. Some of these systems include, but are not limited to, large scale reverse osmosis plants, ultrafiltration plants, trade waste ground water / hydrocarbon filtration packages and PH management systems.

We take pride in our ability to professionally meet client requirements and maintain water treatment plants to their optimal ability for long periods of time.

Water treatment & filtration services Geelong, Melbourne, Victoria

Water treatment & filtration emergency call-out services

Water treatment & filtration services


POSEIDON WATER SOLUTIONS water treatment and filtration services include:

  • Routine servicing including all required electrical and plumbing checks

  • Carry out any required works as identified in a programmed service or call-out service

  • Generate comprehensive site service reports detailing all works carried out as well as identifying any potential issues and solutions

  • Login and remotely monitor / manage plant online where available

  • Carry out ultrasonic flow testing to confirm system efficiency

  • Check / calibrate water balance equipment and sensors / gauges linked to the plant

  • Supply and manage water treatment chemicals used by treatment plant

  • Maintain large scale multimedia filtration vessels and backwashing equipment

  • Maintain large scale water softening equipment as well as supplying brine salts

  • Carry out accurate and efficient cleaning on membranes to increase or maintain membrane efficiency

  • Improve system designs when required

  • Conducting defect liability period inspections during a builder's warranty period to ensure there are no issues before the end of warranty period – this service has already helped our clients save tens of thousands of dollars in recent years while ensuring all installed equipment is fit for purpose and performing as designed

  • In depth consultancy on existing plant and equipment to identify any potential issues and solutions to said issues

  • Emergency call-out services

  • Professional system parameter setting to optimise all systems operation and increase efficiency of the system while reducing any inefficiency within the plant

Water treatment & filtration services

Water treatment & filtration maintenance Geelong, Melbourne, Victoria

POSEIDON WATER SOLUTIONS can assist in carrying out scheduled regular maintenance of water treatment and filtration packages without the client having to chase us to attend site – our automated scheduling system will notify all parties when it is time to maintain your equipment, therefore avoiding any unforeseen issues.

We provide regular maintenance of water treatment and filtration packages throughout Melbourne, the Greater Geelong region, Victoria and Australia.

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